Jul 18


TOP BASS Qualifiers Q4 and Q5

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TOP BASS will be holding it’s Q4 & Q5 Qualifying events this weekend, July 19th & 20th, on Rice Lake in Bewdley.

Please remember to park in the public parking lot at the south end of town.

There will be a shuttle provided to get anglers to and from the parking lot. Just look for the Amber flashing light.

2013-07-21 16.08.17

Jul 07



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Congratulations to all the participants at the TOP BASS Q3 event on Lake Scugog Yesterday (July 6, 2014)

100  teams were registered for this event.

1)  19.34  Doug Monahan & Eric Machold

2)  18.01  Chris Vandermeer &Jeff Slute

3)  15.98  Fabio Testa & Guy Amaruso

4)  15.64  Justin Fung & Allan Macatangay

5)  15.24  Stave Wisniewski & Terry Hickey

6)  15.14  Jarrod Dean & Gerrard Cocks

7)  15.02  Peter Cuciurean & Debbie Cuciurean

8)  14.83  Michael Macneil & Paul Anderson

9)  14.78  Steve Chiasson & Kelly Mathews

10)  14.68  Mike Slocki & John Hawley

11)  14.52  Jason Gough & Mike Loughlin

12)  14.26  Steve Stinson & Jessey Willick

13)  14.20  Jim Bullock & Dave Mack


BIG FISH 5.19 lbs went to Jason Gough & Mike Loughlin .



Jul 06


TOP BASS Next event

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The next TOP BASS Tournament Series events will be Q4 on July 19th and Q5 on July 20th.

Both of these events will be on RICE LAKE and will launch out of BEWDLEY.


Jul 04


TOP BASS Q3 July 6 Lake Scugog

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Don’t forget that the 3rd event of the TOP BASS Tournament Series will take place this Sunday July 6th on Lake Scugog.

Registration will be open at 5:30am at the Port Perry Marina.


The first wave will leave at 7am and return at 3pm

The second wave will leave at 7:30am and return at 3:30pm


Jul 02



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The TOP BASS Tournament Series wishes to thank everyone for an awesome start to the 2014 Bass season.

We would also like to thank all of our Support Team for their help:
Pittsburg Steel Group (New Stage)
Helping Hands Renovations
Interstate Batteries (Powering our Live Release System)
Ultra Tungsten Weights
VOK Lures
EGO Nets
Sabretooth Line
Rod Glove

We would also like to congratulate the first winning teams of 2014.

“Q1 Tri-Lakes”
Saturday June 28, 2014
Winners: Jarrod Dean & Garrard Cocks 20.28 lbs.
Big Fish: John Macdonald & John Macdonald Jr. 5.265 lbs.

“Q2 Tri-Lakes”
Sunday June 29, 2014
Winners: John Charters & Dallas Charters 18.96 lbs.
Big Fish: John Charters & Dallas Charters 4.865 lbs.



DSC_0857 DSC_0910

Jun 28


Q1 Tri-Lakes Saturday June 28, 2014.

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1.  20.28. Dean & Cocks

2.  19.47  Pilkey & Martin

3.  19.34   Johnston & Johnston

4.   18.47  Gaurd & Cook

5.   17.94.l  Barton & Scott

6.  17.80   Hilbert & Secord

7.  17.49   Wilber & Former

8.   17.24  Williams & Jacobs

9.   16.84  Westall & Sampson

10.  16.48  Rolando & Lamour

11.  16.26   Sheldrake & Torlee

12.  15.88  Monahan & Machold

13.  15.42  Meredith & Cremers

14.  15.00  Charters & Charters

15.  13.55  Listro & Wang


109 boats.

Paid to 15th place

1st place $5,000






Jun 27


Speed Zones for June 28 & 29.

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Don’t forget there are 2 speed zones on the Tri-Lakes.
Both of these are 10 KPH (6.2 MPH or 5.3 Knots) speed limits.

“ALL” speed zones are “SHORE to SHORE”

Any team caught exceeding the posted speed limit will be receive an automatic disqualification from the event and will not be reimbursed for their entry fee.

Also, the cut off time for pre-fishing the body of water a tournament is on is 5pm the day before the event.

Please be very mindful of your live wells. Remember that a dead fish will be a 0.5 lbs penalty. The mortal condition of any fish brought in for a weigh in will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. If the Tournament Director deems that a fish is near death and can not be revived, that fish will be considered to be a dead fish and all dead fish rules will then apply to that fish. Chemong Lake 10k zone Gannon Narrows 10k zone

Jun 21


2014 Qualifier #1 & #2 Tri-Lakes

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It’s official, Bass season is now open in Zone #17 and with this comes the beginning of the TOP BASS Fishing Series 2014 season.

Qualifier #1 & #2  will be held on the Tri-Lakes on June 28th & 29th.

These two events will take place at the Rotary Park in Bridgenorth just north of Peterborough.

First wave will blast off at 7am and return at 3pm

Second wave will blast off at 7:30am and return at 3:30pm

Parking for both of these events will be in the field across the road from Rotary Park. (same place as last year) Please DO NOT park on the roads as we have not secured permits to do so.


Tri-Lakes 2012. Photo by Jeff English

Tri-Lakes 2012.
Photo by Jeff English

Jun 07


IUEC First Annual Bass Tournament

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The TOP BASS FISHING SERIES is proud to announce it’s support of the IUEC C.A.S.T. First Annual Bass Tournament.

The TOP BASS Fishing Series will be providing the weigh in and live release facilities and staff for this event.

Please click on the link below for more details regarding this event.



Dec 25



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Ted and the TOP BASS Family wish all our friends a HAPPY  and HEALTHY Holiday season.

We also wish you a Safe and Prosperous 2014.