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c/o Ted Gallone

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  1. Mike

    Any captains looking for a co-angler?
    Thank You

    April 19, 2013
  2. Derek

    Do you know when the 2013 Entry Form will be posted on the site

    January 20, 2013
    • Derek, it should be on the site sometime today.
      I jsut aproved it at 1am and now it’s just got to be uploaded to the site.

      TOP BASS

      January 22, 2013
  3. jason

    I heard a rummor that the classic for 2013 will be held on Rice, is this true and when will the schedule be out for 2013?( Looking forward to 2013 already!!!)

    November 18, 2012
    • Not a rummor Jason, it’s a fact.
      The TOP BASS Fishing Series has been on a 3 year rotation of lakes for it’s classic for a number of years now.
      2012 was Balsam. 2013 will be Rice Lake and 2014 will be Tri-Lakes then they will repeat in that order for the following 3 years.
      This was voted on by the competitors at one of the classic meetings a few years ago.

      The 2013 schedule will be available any day now.
      We’re just trying to confirm a couple of dates.

      Thanks for your interest,
      TOP BASS

      November 19, 2012
  4. Ron Turner

    During the way in Ted you had a lady taking pictures, wondering if you are going to post any. Trying to get a couple of pics if i can

    September 3, 2012
    • Here is the link to the Lures & Tours website where you’ll find pictures that were taken by Rosa.
      If you want a high res copy without water marks, all you have to do is send them an email with the gallary name and photo number and they will email them to you.

      TOP BASS

      September 3, 2012
  5. Wayne Woodland

    Is there another phone number to contact Top Bass?
    The one on web site is full of messages.

    August 7, 2012
    • The best time to call that number is between 7pm and 9pm.

      TOP BASS.

      August 7, 2012
  6. Jeff Barton

    Put up the Team of theYear and Angler of the Year stats for 2012.Yes I realize that we have not had four Tournaments yet but with all the POSITIVE CHANGES that this web site has brought to Top Bass show us where we stand.

    July 23, 2012
    • I don’t think the computer program will give them untill we have 4 events.
      If I remember correctly a team must have 4 events for the program to be able to work out that info. But I’ll see what I can do.

      TOP BASS

      July 24, 2012
  7. lee bolduc

    i was hopeing i could sign up could some one get back to me let me know what i have to do thank u

    goodluck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 23, 2012
    • Lee, you can call the phone number on the contacts page and ask for Ted or you can show up the day of the event that you want to compete on.
      If you are going to register at the event, registration will be set up by 5:30 am that morning. If you want an early starting position, you should be there as early as possible.

      Please make sure you go to the about page and print out a copy of the entry form and have it filled out when you arrive. This is a great time saver for all.

      July 23, 2012
  8. Matt

    where will be the blast off for tri lakes has it been anounced yet?

    July 16, 2012
    • It will be at Rotary park on the West side of the causeway in Bridgenorth.
      It will be officially announced shortly.
      Sorry for the delay.

      TOP BASS

      July 16, 2012
  9. Trent

    So balsam lake is being held on friday the 6th now instead of the Sunday the 8th?

    June 21, 2012
    • Sorry Trent, my bad.
      I fixed it. The 8th is the correct date.
      Thanks for pointing that out.

      TOP BASS

      June 22, 2012
  10. Doodle

    Is the Lake Seymour Event a 100%??? Can you please email a registration form if so……….Cheers

    June 20, 2012
    • Yes Doodle, all of the TOP BASS events are confirmed.

      You can print a copy of the “ENTRY FORM” by holding your courser over the “ABOUT” button.
      Then you will see a button that says “ENTRY FORM”. Left click on it.
      Click on this link and it will open a PDF version of the “ENTRY FORM” that you can then print.

      TOP BASS

      June 20, 2012
  11. Trent

    Hey guys! Do we have to send the deposit or is that just to ensure a spot? We’re a little late on the first event

    June 5, 2012
  12. Scott Carlyle

    Has anyone been able to reach Ted??? been tryin his phone now for 3 weeks.It is messed up somehow. Trying to get info on this weekends event.

    May 24, 2012
    • Sorry Scott, Ted’s home phone is messed up right now. Thanks Bell Canada.
      I passed a message on to Ted that you need to talk to him ASAP.
      I hope he has your phone number.

      May 24, 2012
    • Scott, Please check your U2U on Big Fat

      May 24, 2012
  13. jason

    Where is the Rice Lake Aug. tourny out of this year?

    May 9, 2012
    • Jason, both days of this years Rice Lake events will be held at the waterfront park in Bewdley.

      To all competitors. Please remember that we ask all of you to use the public parking area at the south end of town for these events. The TOP BASS Fishing Series will provide a free shuttle service for all our competitors to get to and from the parking area.
      This parking area has plenty of space to handle all trailers and lots of room to manoeuvre around.

      TOP BASS

      May 10, 2012
  14. Dave

    Is it possible to just sign up for the rice lake tournament? Or I have to compete in more than one event to win a prize?

    March 25, 2012
    • Dave, you can do just one event if thats what you choose. There are no restrictions on winning prizes for that day.
      The only rule about doing more events is if you wish to qualify for the Classic. To qualify for the Classic, you must compete in a minimum of 4 TOP BASS Qualifying events and finish in the top 75.

      Thanks for your interest,
      TOP BASS

      March 25, 2012
  15. Rob

    Just have a question about the pay back for team’s.What do the bold number’s(120,110,100…)above the winning amount stand for?

    March 8, 2012
    • Great question Rob.
      The bold numbers above the payouts are representative of the number of boats associated to that pay out amount.
      So, 120 would represent One-Hundred and Twenty boats competing for those payout amounts.
      The payouts are calculated on a percentage, based on the number of boats entered that day.
      So, if there are 120 or more boats entered that day, the payout for a 1st place finish would be $6,000.
      If there are 110 to 119 boats, then the payout for 1st place would be $5,400.
      If there are 100 to 109 boats, then the payout for 1st place would be $4,500.
      And so on.

      I hope this helps explain the breakdown of the payouts for you.
      TOP BASS

      March 9, 2012
  16. Rob

    Angler’s can be male and female?My girlfriend is looking forward to this!

    February 23, 2012
    • Rob, we have a number of boyfriend / girl friend and husband & wife teams that compete in the TOP BASS Fishing Series.
      Hope to see you and yours out there this coming season.

      February 24, 2012
  17. Danny Goboitsios

    A few of us are thinking of fishing some tournaments for 2012. Is it possible to not preregister and register on day of event? If this is possible, is there anything we need to bring with us for registration? Also, can you provide me an entry form ahead of time.
    Thanking you in advance for your assistance. Happy new year.

    December 31, 2011
    • Danny & Friends,
      Yes, you will be able to show up th eday of and register on site for each even.
      You will need to bring your fishing license’s, proof of insurance for your boat, boat operators card (incase you meet up with the authorities).

      We will have a registration form on-line any day now, in a PDF format that you will be able to fill out and bring with you to hand in with your registration fee.

      See you on the water,
      TOP BASS

      January 1, 2012
  18. Greg Ostrowski

    How do I get the Entry form & Rules for a tournament

    August 17, 2011
    • Greg, On the contact page is an email address for the TOP BASS home.
      Feel free to — DROP us an email and we’ll be glad to send you an entry form.
      You can also show up on the morning of the event and register then.

      The Rules & Regs are on this site. Just click on the Rules & Regs button.

      Thanks for your interest.

      August 24, 2011
  19. dave perrault

    Where did all the results and pics from past years and tournaments go. It WAS nice to be able to check and see what the wts, were and time of year on the different lakes. Really miss the archives and the reason to check the site for past performances.

    August 8, 2011

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